Chiang Mai Property Management

Property management starting from ฿1,499 per month

We can manage your property while you are away in a range of ways


Chiang Mai Landscaping offers professional property management services to give you peace of mind.
Online Monitoring system
Every customer has access to an online facilities management system to monitor their property and state
Image Updates
Every time we visit your property we upload related images so you can see the status of your asset.
Streamlined Task Creation
You can create tasks on the fly and interact with our team via the web or phone
Level One
Weekly preventative maintenance on windows and doors and vermin prevention along with a house integrity check.
Level Two
All of Level one plus checks every four days, cleaning on windows and floors to prevent grime build up.
Level Three - Full Service
All of level three and checks every two days including landscaping to keep your property in shape.

Providing a place for your keys to be collected

We can help in the process if you require a safe and secure way to distribute your key on request, you can login to our online system and log an upcoming appointment with no fuss.
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Online Facilities Management Software to Assist


Asset Management SoftwareFleet Management Software
Facilities Management SoftwareProperty Management Software

Providing Security and Support for your Property

We understand your need for quick access and action and we have implemented software solutions to make the process streamlined so you can make decisions while on the go
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Looking after your vacant home


Are you leaving Chiang Mai soon and have the worry of who is going to look after your home property or business property assets? We offer a service in which we can help you manage and oversee your property while you are abroad or somewhere else in Thailand. We offer a range of services which can help you keep your home up to the standard you require and also prepare everything for an upcoming buyer or renter so you know your house is in its peak condition for when it comes to those vital sale moments with prospective buyer / sellers. We offer an up to date system that allows you to micro manage our team and place requests without having to time your phone calls right or wait on long e-mail chains, we make use of a facilities management system formula unique to our company that will facilities your needs to manage aspects of your estate.
Property Management for Vacant Homes
We are real people who will be on hand to help


We can look after your property keys and be the connection for any real estate agent.
Our online systems makes it easy for you to direct us in what you need doing.
Everytime we visit your location we take photographs of your property which you can easily access online.
We take care of your property and tailor that service to your requirements.
We have real people in our office in Chiang Mai who can help with your queries and needs,
Should you require it we can be on hand 24/7 to help provide ongoing uninterrupted support.
Property in Chiang Mai
Property Management in Chiang Mai

Management the correct way

An effective property management supervisors, arranges, and goes about as a general contact between the property investor or owner and the tenants. What's more, handling bill gatherers and merchant payments can assume a major part in the management performing their errands legitimately. It is of basic importance that property managers keep the bother out of the investor's lifestyle, and permit him or her to do what they excel at.

While managing a property, either commercial or residential, and a vacancy opens, having potential tenants in place can be colossal when considering the cash flow of any given property. Any vacancy that stretches out for quite a long time can make a significant misfortune to the investor, and makes the manager look awful. Along these lines, we as a property management are exceptionally proactive in our quest for new and qualified tenants will have a major edge on our opposition as we work with local real estate firms making it known of your properties availability.

As a planned tenant applies for a commercial or residential vacancy, a foundation and reference check is fundamental to shield the property owner from future inconveniences. Albeit any system of foundation checking can't give a totally exact record of the prospect, it is still exceptionally profitable and ought to be reliably done.
Helping you find tenants in Chiang Mai

Matching your property the right way

Once a tenant is placed, we as a property management company work together appropriately during the arbitrary and periodic inspections on the area. By checking the properties on a reliable premise we ensure both the owner and tenant, and demonstrates a level of professionalism alongside a straightforward methodology. Especially for the tenant, this system can go about as an inspiration to keeping the property in the correct condition.

Our skillful property managers have a system that guarantees that the tenants can contact the workplace on a 24 hour premise. Any crisis or straightforward issue will be taken care of rapidly and productively via trained specialists. Obviously, having maintenance and contractors accessible if the need arises for such situations is urgent to having the capacity to achieve this. Likewise, any security system that is placed inside the different units will have the workplace number to contact ought to the need emerge.

By appointing us as your property management company is the way to keeping an investment property, whether commercial or residential, in the condition vital for placing the right sort of tenant, and in addition for future resale esteem. At the point when taken care of appropriately, an all around kept up property through right tenant placement will expand the worth, and give a pride of ownership for the investor, while giving the tenant a property they can possess and appreciate.
Tenants in Chiang Mai